Shaitan’s Beef With Adam (AS) & Co.

The disgrace and humiliation he experienced is still strong to this day. And he made it his life’s mission to make us humans experience what he did, and send each and every one of Adam’s (AS) children to Hellfire. It’s his way of proving Allah wrong, nauzubillah.



We all know about the story of creation (of Adam Alayhissalam), or at least the gist of it, in many cases. Allah (SWT) creates Adam (AS), commands the angels to prostrate (and Iblees, not an angel). All except Iblees prostrate, and we all know what happened thereafter. Question is, why did he refuse to? After all the hard work and effort to be raised to the ranks of the angels, why go and shoot your own foot?

Well, it goes way before that.

So, most of the backstory that the Islamic scholars have got on Iblees are from Israelite narrations that don’t contradict with the teachings of Islam. I.e., stuff we can use, but with a pinch of salt to go.

A long time ago….

Anyways, there were creations of Allah (SWT) way before Adam & Co (i.e, humans). There were the Jinn (and certain mufassireen comment there were other creations as well). Allah knows best. The Jinn were mischief makers, in general, and caused much bloodshed and corruption on earth (now we know where the Angels got the idea that humans would repeat the cycle). Straying into Israelite narrations: So much so, that  Allah sent down an army of angels to deal with them. There was this Jinn fellow, however, whom some say was called Azazeel. Back then, this chap was a pious bro. So pious, that the angelic army sent to deal with the mayhem causing Jinn took notice of this solitary Jinn, worshiping Allah as He out to be.

Long story short, he (a Jinn) got to be among the ranks of Angels, while no space in the seven heavens were left except Azazeel had worshiped almighty Allah there. Being in the presence of Allah is no small feat. So take note of this bro’s piety. Imagine his Imaan levels! To be in the presence of ALLAH and His Angels!

Now that the rebellious Jinn were dealt with, Azazeel felt like going back to earth and set up shop and call other Jinn to the faith and feel all good about himself, etc… And he hoped that being the only creation with free will with such high rank and status, he’d be the most qualified, experienced and natural candidate for the post of Khalifah.

Getting back to the Quran and Sunnah, when Allah SWT announced to the angels that He’s going to make a Khalifah on earth, old azazeel (a.k.a. Iblees) felt so happy, but fell from his horse when he learnt that Allah was going to literally make one! In comes Adam (AS) and boom! rivalry and jealousy! & Mankind get sent to Earth.

Being passed over

We all can relate to this phenomenon of what Iblees experienced about being passed over for ‘promotion’. When you feel you’re next in line and out of the blue walks in this new guy and takes the place ‘meant’ for you! A good lesson to be learnt here about questioning the decree of Allah.

Bear in mind, however, the magnitude of the situation. This is no ordinary corporate office or school or some organization. This is no ordinary boss/leader you’re dealing with. This is Allah SWT. THE All Knowing, Creator of time, and The Most Wise. If Allah says Adam is fit for the job, then end of story. But Iblees, oh Iblees. Pride got the better of him. And from pride crept out jealousy, entitlement, resentment, hatred, and vengeful-ness. If you feel you know better than Allah, then watch out son. And that’s what Ibless got. He became Shaitan the most distanced from mercy (ar rajeem).

The Ultimate Revenge

Now, I hope, dear reader, you can understand the why of Shaitan’s animosity for Adam & Co. Animosity of such degree that he fails to see, after so many millennia, the error of his own logic. The disgrace and humiliation he experienced is still strong to this day. And he made it his life’s mission to make us humans experience what he did, and send each and every one of Adam’s (AS) children to Hellfire. It’s his way of proving Allah wrong, nauzubillah.

We see the signs of his vengeance even today. The trend of where we throw away our own dignity and morality; the prevalence of shamelessness and immorality; the widespread nature of war and insignificance of life on earth. We’re doing his job for him, and so gaily.

This is a reminder to me first and foremost, if we are to not play into his vision for humanity, then we must be aware of his traps and steer clear of them. And that’s a lesson for another time.

Assalamu alaykkum, warahmatullahi, wabarakathuhu

Believe it or not, but you might be following the Sharia

To protect the rights of non-muslims living in a Sharia state, it (Sharia) even has separate laws for non-muslims. Talk about built in diversity and tolerance.

Are you someone who firmly believes in the rights of women? human beings? Have ever given out money in charity? took care of an orphan? an elderly person? Have you spent time with your parents? or spent equally on your children? have you helped out your relatives in some way? do you keep in touch with them?

Do you believe that animals deserve to be treated humanely? That they need to be taken care of properly?

As a female, do you own money or property? have you been educated like your male counterparts? Do you think female circumcision is barbaric? Do you believe that all children, even daughters, need to be treated equally in a family?

Do you dislike to be cheated in a transaction? Do you feel that monopolies shouldn’t exist in markets? Do you want transparency to exist in systems? Do you feel that the rich should be taxed and the poor should be taken care of by the state?

Do you dislike being lied to?

If you can relate to any of these questions chances are that you’re following the Sharia of Islam.

Islam, as it happens, is more than a religion (i.e., a set of beliefs). It’s a way of life (i.e., laws for the individual and state) like Judaism.

To protect the rights of non-muslims living in a Sharia state, it (Sharia) even has separate laws for non-muslims. Talk about built in diversity and tolerance.

The key to understanding the Sharia is learning about objectives of Sharia and how jurists have the flexibility in applying the fixed principles of Islam.

One thing that everyone should be aware about Islamic law is that, in general, it is more focused on deterrent theory of justice than a retributive or reformative, or any other form of justice system. At time, many Western systems have also focused on deterrent justice (Wikipedia is your friend here).

Want to know more about the Sharia? read the first answer here.

Dear reader, it’s easy to go with the flow. However, it’s better to know why you’re going with the flow? and, much better to know why the flow is even going in a given direction.

GSP+ and Muslim Personal Laws?

the definition of ‘civilized’ has changed from religion to secularism and political correctness

As early as the 1500s Europe felt it had the great burden of spreading ‘civilization’ to the pagan barbaric cultures that was the rest of the world. Fast forward a few hundred years and our tiny island saw the spread of this ‘civilization’ on our very own shores. First came the benevolent Dutch, then the Portugese, and finally the Victorian British during the 1800s.

Back then, it was a fairly simple, upfront matter, this colonization business (though not so with the wily British). They came, they saw, they converted conquered spread ‘civilization’ to us backward Sri Lankans. And, of course, their efforts would have been in vain if not for our own local espousers of Western ideals. Once we ‘gained’ our independence from our former colonial masters, local history books would mention the pivotal role these ‘sole distributors’, of what a civilized society was, played in the perpetuation of colonial laws in this island during colonial rule. I’ve always wondered what motivated these fellow Lankans to change their values to such an extent as to be a completely new identity.

Then, there were the blessed missionaries, who either spread the message by way of sword/musket or wealth and status. Of course, these days, it’s mostly done by providing ‘financial’ opportunities in various forms.

I admit, it’s a better way to spread an ideology, rather than at gunpoint (refer European colonization, WWII, Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, etc…). This ‘economical’ method is just that. It’s economical: not a single soldier sets foot abroad, not a bullet is fired, and best of all, no lives are lost. It’s less expensive. Note that as of late, the definition of ‘civilized’ has changed from religion to secularism and political correctness, disguised as (and please don’t hate me for saying this) democracy/civil liberties.

These days, it’s backwards to believe in God and practice one’s religion. It’s blasphemous to not support homosexual behavior. ‘Islamic’, ‘Jihad’, ‘Sharia’, ‘Burqa’, and ‘Tawheed’ have negative associations. And, it’s downright suspicious to speak in Arabic.

So, now we have the same salesmen with the same product, but with a new package with a new sales (economical) pitch.

When I first heard about how one of the stipulations for Sri Lanka to receive GSP+ status was to amend the Muslim Personal Law, namely, the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act of 1951, I was like, ‘GSP+ and what??’

Now, I haven’t personally read the Act so I really don’t know EVERYTHING that’s in it. So, I really can’t comment on it. However, it seems the issue is the minimum age for marriage. One could argue for or against it, and again, not the point of the article.

But what strikes as odd, indeed disturbing, is the amount of stir it’s creating in social circles. Really disturbing. If you’re Sri Lankan and haven’t come across such posts in social media, then consider yourself blessed. Again, not the point.

However, upon some reflection on the matter, I happened to draw some interesting insights.

Now, how the world operates, at least for us so called ‘developing countries’ is like this:

  • As a ‘developing nation’ (I fail to see how we still have this term, considering the amount of luxury vehicles that are driving on the roads, and how super luxury condominiums seem to grow faster than trees and in greater numbers, etc…) and thanks to successive corrupt governments, we have to depend on loans, trade concessions for exports/imports from ‘developed’ nations (again puzzling, considering amount of debt most Westerners are in, student loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc…)
  • Change local policies to curry international favor to receive monetary aid.

In light of this, it seems rather interesting, nay, extremely fishy, for the European Union to stipulate that SL makes changes to its Muslim Personal Law. And I’m sure some of you out there have voiced your opinions regarding this matter. Kudos to you.

Muslim personal law aside, these EU stipulations smell a whole lot like we’re in a new wave of colonization, and what’s worse, most aren’t even aware of it!


On a side note, have you ever wondered why the Muslims (and Islam) are being targeted, and not just here, but on a global scale?